We are the world's first Satellite B.O.T. Company

Satellite Build Launch Operate
& Technology Transfer

Collaboration & Design

We define and design your satellites. We work closely with your institutions, research and education organizations that aim to be significant space tech stakeholders in coming years. We embark on a collaborative process to outline your long term goals and vision and start the architecture of your satellites.


We do turnkey manufacturing and project management for engineering your satellites. Your satellite will be state of the art and technically competitive with the best in class.


We arrange contracts and agreements with rocket launch companies to ride share your satellite into the space.


We collaboratively manage and operate the satellite in orbit, establishing mission control for you, so you have full command, control and ownership of data.

Data processing

We train and enable security and sovereign ownership of data , supplement data from multiple sources and provide the tools for analyzing and using the data. We build knowledge and capacity among your team to take 100% ownership and management of the satellites and data.


We aim to transfer the satellite , its operations and data to you within a few months and continue on the process of building your constellation of satellites.

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true technology Partnership


We engage with you to imbibe your vision into a long term mission and a plan of satellite in orbit plan. We work on scientific, technological use cases, knowledge sharing, finance and all aspects of creating your own satellites.


Our goal is to design a satellite that meets specific instrumentation criteria while successfully withstanding rigorous vibration testing. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey of innovation and hands-on learning in satellite design and manufacture.


We manufacture your satellites and ready them for launch


We arrange rocket launch ride share for your satellite with a space launch organization


We manage the satellite in orbit and arrange all communications and data transfer putting it to operational use.


We provide the tools, platforms and technology training to effectively use the earth observation data