Spacetech Company

Bridging the Digital Divide - Equitable Sustainable Development

Our Mission

We are a team of experienced space tech engineers with expertise in low-Earth orbit Earth observation satellites. We are driven by our vision of democratizing space for environmental purposes and giving ownership of sovereign nature data to communities and nations. 

Our Values

We believe in open science and equitable partnerships that empower visionary nations and institutions to achieve their sustainable development goals without being lectured or judged by the Global North. We believe that carbon colonialism cannot be permitted, and space cannot be dominated by a few. Satellite Earth Observation has long been seen as a game-changing frontier for climate action, protection of the environment, and biodiversity. This data-driven and sustainable action and growth must be led by developing nations, who are the keepers and caretakers of this planet’s natural heritage and provide it with oxygen. We believe that all nations, big and small, should have ownership of data that confirms their biodiversity, natural heritage, and carbon sinks to embark on smart nature conservation. We also believe that peaceful civilian space technology for smart management of forests, agriculture, and water resources should be in the hands of every community. We believe in partnering with and empowering them to lead the way in space and on this planet we call home.

We are conservationists and environmentalists.

Digital Democratization is our mission

Knowledge Sharing and Open Science

Peaceful use of Space and Rockletry

Reforestation, Conservation

Protect Earths Natural Heritage

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A global team of engineers delivering on your Space dreams